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My mission is to get meditation taught in schools all over the world. This is the focus of my TEDx Talk! In it, I describe a simple, yet powerful routine that can be performed in less than 10 minutes every morning that combines intentional movement, breathwork, visualization, and a guided meditation using positive affirmations that kids can repeat to get kids into the habit of meditating daily so that they can eventually learn to take their own “Time Within” on their own when they need it! Teach children they have all they need within and guide them to connect to their heart center so that they can create a life they love living, and you will transform not only their lives but the world.

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Julie D’Ann

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SHINE your light, live your purpose!

I am writing this book as a guide for children to recognize the innate power that resides deep within the heart center connecting us to our higher being and the All that Is of life. We are not at the mercy of our thoughts or how we feel. Rather, we get to CHOOSE how we think and how we eel in any given moment! We have the POWER to CHANGE our EMOTIONAL STATE and it starts with changing our thoughts.

Our parents guide us in the early years, and society is designed to foster order and safety. All of our interactions offer us opportunities to experience life, experience contrast, and make choices which in turn help us define and choose our preferences. It is all of this that helps us discover and create our individual purpose in life. That is why we are here. THAT, our life purpose, is why WE ARE. We are here to CREATE.

We enter this world and grow up learning how to navigate and survive in it, but who teaches us how to thrive? Who teaches us how to make our own choices, not out of fear or compulsion, but based on our own inner guidance for our highest good that leads us to know what is best for us in any given moment? Who teaches us how to understand that thoughts and emotions are linked and that we have the power to control both? Who teaches us that we are greater than our minds, greater than our emotions, indeed greater than this physical world?

We are more than all of this, and when we connect with our higher being, our consciousness, we are able to live our lives from a place of inspiration and love. There is no outside authority who can tell any one person what their individual purpose is in life! Each individual need only seek guidance from within, through connecting with the heart center, to determine their own best choices.

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Julie spoke at the highly anticipated 2nd Global Women Empowerment & Women Influencers Network Summit on March 01, 2024. Her talk titled “Brave Thinking: 3 Keys To Achieving Success & Living An Extraordinary Life” was inspiring and empowering.

During the event, Julie had a special offer for everyone who attended or watched the event. She offered a FREE CONSULTATION Call, providing an opportunity for personal guidance and support. It was an incredible opportunity to learn from Julie and take one’s life to new heights.

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"When we take a Time Within, everyone wins."

– Julie D’Ann

” Before I met Julie, I had dealt with insomnia on a regular basis for most of my life. I often go to sleep easily but then wake up during the night. My brain won’t let me sleep because I am thinking of all the things that need to be done.

I experienced Julie’s nighttime meditation to fall asleep and have used it many times since. I am no longer using sleep aids, my sleep patterns have improved, I am more focused during the day, and my productivity has increased significantly.

The first time Julie introduced me to her meditation techniques, during our session, Buddy our border collie puppy, soon became very calm and was snoozing next to me.

If it works for kids, adults, and even puppies, it will work for you! I sincerely recommend Julie’s meditation techniques for anyone who would benefit from a deeper connection with oneself, and the distractions of life through meditation and guided imagery.

─ Thank you Julie, I simply love and adore you!”

– L. Diane, educator of special needs children for over 30 years “

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Beautifully crafted, fun and powerful way to teach healthy emotional wellness that children will love!

– Mary Morrissey, Life Coach & Personal Development Expert, International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, CEO, Consultant, Visionary, Empowerment Specialist, Founder of the Brave Thinking Institute

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Two Wolves Within 

You may have heard about the story of the two wolves within us all, but this story extends beyond the popular shorter version and explains how all of our emotions serve a purpose. When we learn how to acknowledge all of our emotions and to listen to what they have to tell us, then we become stronger, wiser and more capable of not only handling our emotions better, but of becoming more confident conscious creators of our lives.

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Get UNstuck – 3 Keys to Breaking Free from Stuckness

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