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Julie started practicing meditation and yoga about 15 years ago and recently became a certified DreamBuilder Life Transformation Coach.

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My Story

Julie has worked with kids of all ages off and on throughout her various careers. It has only been in the past few years that Julie seriously began adapting her knowledge and skills in the best health, meditation, and breathwork practices to apply to children. The book and program she created were born from years of intense exploration and study. Sharing her experiences while bringing these life-changing practices into classrooms has become Julie’s mission.

What People Are Saying

"Julie, this is fantastic. Thoughts are powerful and to teach the skill and create the habit where kids, and all of us, are harnessing our thoughts and brainpower every day can have massive impact!"

~Dr. Lance Knaub, Denali Consulting

"Great talk, Julie. Thank you for inspiring all of us to make our children healthier."

~Dr. Mary Beth Janke

"I wish I'd watched this TED talk earlier, I feel like I've heard the same message hundreds of times but this really resonated with me."

~Nate H.

"Loving this world of teaching children to have time within! What a beautiful skill to teach to kids! I hope all schools can adopt this philosphy!"

~Phi Thai-Viet Do

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